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New! 5-feb-1998: John had offered to include my patch when we met (see below), but I haven't had time to put the whole lot all together due to other obligations. Also, 2 new bugs/problems in the Samba code which pop up with LanManager as a client were reported to me. I think I have fixed these and I want to add them to the patch.

13-jan-1998: A new Samba version for production servers has been released, Samba 1.9.18p1. It contains my patch for DOS and OS/2 "LM Announces". However, the rest of my OS/2 patch did not get included. I have requested a special branch for the Samba source tree to include my patch and am awaiting access information. Will meet John Terpstra of the Samba team today, might be of help! :-)

16-dec-1997: Samba 1.9.18alpha13 contains support for "LM Announces"! The rest of my OS/2 patch might or might not be included, that depends on whether the Samba developers get around to it.

4-nov-1997: had made smb17p4.pat for 1.9.17p4 a week ago, but forgot to put it on the webpage. Updated with fix for SMBcopy problem and "automatic" broadcasting of LM Announcements. Click here for more info.

21-oct-1997: smb17p3.pat for 1.9.17p3, features similar to p4, see above.

16-oct-1997: Corrected an omission in the "DOS+OS/2 client patches". Forgot to include a hook to my code which adds detected OS/2 clients to the browse list. Oops.

16-oct-1997: Created a patch for Samba v1.9.17p3. This one fixes a couple of DOS and OS/2 client interoperability problems. Other fixes have not been incorporated in this patch. Click here.

13-oct-1997: included instructions on how to add server capabilities to the MS Client for DOS! Click here.

25-sep-1997: Am working on "domain logons" for OS/2 clients. Seems to work without change so far! Just configure the Samba server as a "domain logon server", optionally create a "domain logon script" (ending in .CMD and not .BAT for OS/2 clients!) and on Warp use the "LAN Server Logon" object, and not the "File and Print Client Logon" object. It takes about 40 seconds to log on (dunno why) and you'll have to ignore the "NET8191: could not set up home directory" error, but it seems to work. However, when OS/2 Warp is also configured to use the Samba server as a NetBIOS Name Server (also known as WINS) the waiting time is much longer! I will have to investigate this...

20-aug-1997: Created a workaround for the "smbclient crashes IBM Peer" problem. Click here.

New patch: includes fixes for LM Announce + WPS long filenames + Solaris + Amiga + OS/2! This one will not be included in Samba 1.9.17 but (hopefully) in the 1.9.18 alphas. Click here for the 'fix' page (18-aug-1997).

Also available: patches, binaries and instructions for the OS/2 version of Samba (now updated with the WPS fix).

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