Sound Blaster 2.0 clone does not work

Last Updated: 31 July, 1995


"x:\MMOS2\SBD2.SYS has not been installed. Line yy is ignored"


Sound Blaster 2.0 clones, including the MediaVision ThunderBoard and other cards using the Thunder chipset.


The SBD2.SYS driver is made by Creative Labs. It contains a security check so that only genuine Sound Blasters can be used.


The security check is to be removed. For OS/2 2.1, write the following text to the file patchsb2.fil on the partition where you have installed Multimedia support (\MMOS2):
FILE \mmos2\sbd2.sys
VER 3ed8 ab
CHA 3ed8 00
For OS/2 Warp with or without WinOS2 (Red box or Blue box) use the following text:
FILE \mmos2\sbd2.sys
VER 42fc a5
CHA 42fc 00
If you have downloaded the latest driver, v2.14, from the Creative Labs FTP site, write the following text to the file patchsb2.fil:
FILE \mmos2\sbd2.sys
VER 44fd e970ff
CHA 44fd 909090
I'm not sure what driver is included with Warp Connect. Try any of the two Warp patches above. Please contact me if you have Warp Connect.

Now open up an OS/2 Window and execute the following on the OS/2 command line:

patch patchsb2.fil /a


This patch won't work for every Sound Blaster 2.0 clone, unfortunately. Guaranteed to work with the Thunder chipset though.

Ready made patchfiles and more info from me

Jacco de Leeuw