Using Samba with DOS, Win3.x or OS/2


Welcome! This webpage is about using Samba with DOS or OS/2 clients, and the OS/2 port of Samba. 

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  1. So what is Samba anyway?
    In a nutshell, Samba is a free SMB client and server for Unix and other operating systems. It is comparable with the file and print server included with Windows 2000. See also the next question and the Samba homepage.
  2. What is "SMB", "NetBIOS", "Windows Networking" etc.?
    Here's a little bit of background information I wrote up. The Samba homepage mentioned above also contains good information. 
  3. I have a DOS machine and I want to access files and use printers on a Unix server. What do I have to do?
    Yes, there are ways to connect to Unix machines from DOS. Here are the details on using Samba with DOS clients.  
  4. I also have Windows 3.x (i.e. "regular", not Windows for Workgroups) on DOS machines. How can I access Samba then?
    You can use the same DOS clients mentioned above. These clients also have special support for Win 3.x.
  5. I want to connect with Windows for Workgroups to Samba.
    Do not use a DOS client. Instead, download and install the freely available TCP/IP stack from Microsoft.
  6. I am using Warp 4 or Warp Connect. I want to access my files and use the printers on a Unix server. What do I have to do?
    Some tips on using Samba with OS/2 clients. For example, how to install "NetBIOS over TCP/IP" (contains screenshots).
  7. I am using Warp 3 non-Connect or OS/2 2.x. I want to access files and printers on other machines. Any advise on this?
    You can use the free Microsoft LAN Manager 2.2c Client for OS/2. Read about MS LanMan for OS/2.
  8. Is there an OS/2 version of Samba and what can I do with it?
    Yes. Check out Samba/2.
  9. I use Unix, Linux, BSD etc. My DOS and OS/2 users have difficulties seeing our Samba server. What can I do about it?
    These fixes for Samba versions < 1.9.18alpha13 might be of use.
  10. I am using Unix and I would like to access files located on OS/2 machines, and printers connected to them. What's the story on this?
    Here's how you can access OS/2 resources from Unix.


Albert Crosby: for the original Mini-FAQ about OS/2 and "Windows Networking"

Timothy Sipples: configuring Warp 4 for "NetBIOS over TCP/IP", from the "Ask Timmy" column in the 32 Bits Online Magazine.

John Summerfield: all kinds of wonderful networking stuff on his Home LAN series webpage (currently offline?).

François Visagie: for all his very helpful posts on the Samba mailing list, e.g. his test of DOS clients.

Andrew DePaula: for his instructions on how to install the DOS LanMan client.

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